• “I was represented by a horrible attorney previously and saw Ms. Sternberg in court representing another client. I was very impressed by her knowledge, professionalism, and her ability. She was organized and seemed to garner a great deal of respect from the judge-which my attorney did not. Because I had seen her in action, I decided to meet with her. She was extremely helpful and immediately made me feel at ease during a stressful high conflict situation with my ex-husband. I felt safe and confident with her knowledge and she provided me with a clear cut plan that I could follow and understand. Her fees are reasonable and she is extremely fair in working with me. She is very responsive to calls and emails and communicates really well.”

    Susie G.
  • “The attorneys at Sternberg Family Law are fabulous and very professional. I am currently going through a divorce and feel very supported. I feel the attorneys are there for me and my daughter. They are smart, proactive and don’t take crap… I would recommend them to anyone. I also appreciate the patience her staff has for me when I call or email. They are very helpful. 5 stars!”

    Esther P.
  • “Sternberg Family Law was referred to me by my very good friend who had Carol on the opposition of her divorce. They produced exactly what they said they would. And after a 22 year marriage, I need someone with the experience and the guidance they gave me. I have since referred at least 3 people who are also very satisfied with their results.”

    Mike G.
  • “Carol and Todd are both very down to earth people and have your best interest at hear at all times. Todd does everything he can to make sure you are comfortable in any situation. As a matter of fact, I was truly impressed at how far they would go to make sure you are okay with whatever was going on at that moment in time. I highly recommend Sternberg Family Law. Wonderful people to say the least.”

    Kristen W.
  • “I am extremely happy with Carol Sternberg. She took over for a horrible lawyer in the midst of a high-conflict litigation. There was a lot left undone and numerous errors and omissions by my previous lawyer. Carol took over and was effective, efficient, and organized. She created a proper strategy and plan and was very good at communicating with me and responding–which to me was huge!! She was also extremely fair in working with me with her fees. I trust her ability and her judgment and she is very experienced and knowledgeable. Her office is small and you definitely get personalized attention. Calls are returned as are emails. She makes herself available. I would definitely recommend her to anyone going through a difficult divorce. She is patient and reassuring and you will be in good hands.”

    Elizabeth M.
  • “Divorce is a terrible thing. I would not want to go through the process alone or with someone that doesn’t have me and my family’s best interest at heart.

    Carol and Todd were professional, courteous, and knowledgeable throughout the entire process. They helped me understand my situation and how it needs to be presented to a judge.

    She really helped prove that fathers have rights too.”

    Jared B.
  • “It was obvious how much they do care about their clients and the work they are fully capable of putting in to get the best results possible. My case had its challenges with little time to prepare and couldn’t be happier with the results so far!”

    Justin D.
  • “Absolutely the best! Character, intelligence and PROFESSIONAL!”

    Cory C.
  • “We were referred here by a good friend of my husbands and we’re extremely grateful and satisfied with Carol and Todd. Thank you so much for all you’ve done to help me and make all this unpleasant process as easy as it can be. My husband is very big on first impressions and right off the bat he was impressed with Carol’s great attitude and how knowledgeable she was on the phone. When we all met in person, she was exactly as he felt and knew she would be. He and I are very very pleased.”

    Claudia M.
  • “Carol and Todd are both very professional individuals who are always available when needed. They helped me during a very difficult time in my life and I always appreciate their invaluable time and expertise. I would high recommend their firm.”

    Jennifer W.
  • “Todd, Carol, and Laura are amazing people! They are very knowledgeable, caring and compassionate. You cannot go wrong with this team. They aren’t just the people I hired to represent me through the hardest part of my divorce, they are friends! I highly recommend them! I’d give them 10 stars if I could.”

  • “I feel very confident in Todd and Carol. I know that I can count on both of them for years to come. They are a Mother & Son team. I got the chance to work with both of them. Carol has decades of experience in Family Law and Todd is just as passionate about his career. I felt confident at all times that they were helping me make the appropriate decisions. They always kept our best interests in mind. The thing with divorce is that you have a certain expectation of how things will turn out. Everyone wants them to turn out in their favor. Unfortunately, in divorce, you need someone to tell you exactly how it is even if you don’t want to hear it. I dealt with Todd the majority of the time and I never once felt that I was being ignored. My emails were responded to in a very timely fashion, phone calls were always returned when they were supposed to be returned, and he was always available to speak to me when I would call in with a meltdown. Laura is the office manager. She has a calming effect on people. She listens to you when you call and I know she delivers the messages the minute she can. She is also in charge of billing and all my bills were always timely and never had any hidden fees.”

    Marcela D.
  • “Carol, Todd, and the staff at Sternberg Family Law are extremely professional, helpful and warm. They make their clients feel like you are being taken care of by a family member. Carol helped me to make many hard decisions, with my overall best interests in mind. I am grateful for their expertise, and I would HIGHLY recommend this firm!”

    Amanda P.
  • “Sternberg Family Law did a fantastic job with my divorce. Carol and Ann Marie advised me on every step and told me all of my options but let me make my own decisions. They protected my interest. I would recommend Sternberg Family Law to anyone considering a divorce.”

    Steven S.
  • “Thank you for all you have done and your support and belief in my case. Your professionalism and caring in my case means so much to me.”

    Laura P.
  • “Although Sternberg Family Law came highly recommended by another attorney, I decided to do some research on my own to determine if they were the right fit for me. It was not until after the initial consultation that I knew for sure that these guys were the best. What really sold me on hiring them was that my attorney was very experienced and I loved the fact that the firm specialized only in family law. I am a legal secretary with another law firm and I can tell you that you don’t see that level of specialization very often. The consultation was an essential step in helping me determine if my case was winnable and my attorney answered all of my questions about what I needed to do to best protect my children. If you have a family law issue and you care about your children, there is no reason to call anyone else but Sternberg Family Law.”

    Michelle A.
  • “Sternberg Family Law is without a doubt one of if not THE best family law firms in the state of California. I have dealt with many attorneys in my career and Carol and Ann Marie are the perfect combination of brilliant legal minds. You will do well to have Sternberg Family Law handle all of your family law work.”

    Regina J.
  • “Working with Carol and Ann Marie has been nothing short of outstanding. First off, the legal representation I received was brilliant. I truly believe the outcome of my case was vastly altered by their knowledge, expertise, guidance, and litigation skills. Secondly, the reassurance and calming of the entire staff was exactly what I needed while going through this ordeal. I would refer friends and family to them in a heartbeat.”

    Thomas R.
  • “Thank you for all that you did. You are simply the best.”

    Ami C.