Marcela D.

“I feel very confident in Todd and Carol. I know that I can count on both of them for years to come. They are a Mother & Son team. I got the chance to work with both of them. Carol has decades of experience in Family Law and Todd is just as passionate about his career. I felt confident at all times that they were helping me make the appropriate decisions. They always kept our best interests in mind. The thing with divorce is that you have a certain expectation of how things will turn out. Everyone wants them to turn out in their favor. Unfortunately, in divorce, you need someone to tell you exactly how it is even if you don’t want to hear it. I dealt with Todd the majority of the time and I never once felt that I was being ignored. My emails were responded to in a very timely fashion, phone calls were always returned when they were supposed to be returned, and he was always available to speak to me when I would call in with a meltdown. Laura is the office manager. She has a calming effect on people. She listens to you when you call and I know she delivers the messages the minute she can. She is also in charge of billing and all my bills were always timely and never had any hidden fees.”